Cocktail Margarita and Chili Jalepano

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Cocktail Margarita

Margarita is one of the typical drinks from Mexico. It tastes sour and fresh with a very strong lemon scent. In some areas are usually blue cocktail Margarita because mixed with Blue Curacao. If you want a fresh flavor can add fruit juice or Orange Liqueur, Tequila and given ice cubes.

Margaritas can be served in a variety of glasses, especially stita-jumbled Margaritas, classic variations of the Champagne Coupe, these are mainly used for Margaritas mixed with fruit, and this type of glass is also used for dishes such as Guacamole or shrimp cocktail. In a formal setting, margaritas are often served in standard cocktail cups with extra ice. While in the informal situation margarita can be served with ancient glass.

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Chili Jalepano

Chili jalapeno shaped like a large green eggplant. The length of the chili is about 5 to 9 cm. Mexican people usually use only two or three in their cooking. Chili flavor is very spicy, your tongue like burning when eating it. You can enjoy spicy Jalapeno chili in typical Mexican food such as Nacho, Tacos, Sea Food and other dishes.

In addition to food, Jalapeno chillies also have many benefits for our health. Mexican people believe that consuming Jalapeno chillies can relieve sinusitis, reduce pain, prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system in humans.

The largest Jalapeno chili plantations in Mexico are in the valley of the Papaloapan river north of Veracruz. The plantation area reaches 160 square km and can produce 97 tons of Jalapeno chilies once harvest. Tourists can see directly Jalapeno chili harvest during harvest time. In that period we could see the flurry of local farmers carrying chili sacks on their shoulders.

In addition, Jalapeno chilli can also be by – by. We can buy Jalapeno chili products such as pasta or pickle sauces packed in bottles. Well, if you want to buy the offered price of about $ 6.00 per bottle. Tourists can buy them all over Mexico.

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